Too many yaks.

AwakeOS is an open-source project by AwakeVC.

We are engineers, and tech entrepreneurs.

We noticed a lot of modern business is common to all of them. Particularly technology enabled businesses.

Because most startups are built with an “us versus the world” mindset, everyone tends to reinvent the wheel with most tech implementations.

For instance, even though everyone uses Linux and tons of other open-source applications / databases, programming languages, libraries, and frameworks, there is no large scale archetypes builder with plug-n-play components that work in the cloud. So everyone is rolling their own distributed system frameworks – they call it their architecture. And, every single time, it includes a ton of the same stuff.

Cheaper, faster, better.

From user logins, to data storage, processing, and analytics, to audience engineering, to e-commerce connectivity, to fintech integration, to media and content handling, to social network connectivity, to P2P and marketplace transactions, to reputation engines, to legal/tax/compliance management, to user-generated conversations and content, to decentralized workflow and distributed ledger, to rewards systems and cryptocurrencies, to so much more.

To tooling, to build pipelines, to data migration, to failover and monitoring, to security, to scalability.

A ton of the work is the same.

A New Opinionated Internet Operating System

Awake OS is a set of cloud components that work seamlessly with each other, and can be combined to form some key archetypes of modern internet businesses.

Building on top of the AwakeOS means that your startup goes faster and maximizes their focus on the product-market fit. Not yak-shaving.

AwakeOS packs a powerful suite of interconnected cloud LEGO blocks.

AwakeOS – the greatest thing since Ruby on Rails. **

** Two orders of magnitude leap in business productivity, and one order improvement in chance of startup success. And the tech team will love it.

Built for entrepreneurs and engineers, by engineers and entrepreneurs. And it is open-source.

Coming soon.

Get early access today!

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